Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Speaking of Faith

My latest obsession is NPR's Speaking of Faith. (speakingoffaith.org), hosted by Krista Tippett, who I kind of want to be. She's an incredible interviewer. Anyway the one of the recent interviews was of Karen Armstrong...a controversial figure in some Christian circles, I believe...she subscribes to a "freelance monotheism." I liked some of her ideas....that theology should be like poetry; that when someone hears a theological idea, it should resonate within them like poetry, and inspire and move them deeply. She likes to think of religion as an art form....that we should take as great care with our rites and rituals as we do in writing a poem...that we should make our rituals absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I definitely echo these beliefs, but this is no surprise since I see such deep connection between ritual and theatre. Theatre was originally religious ritual.

Monday, May 12, 2008

What is happening to the world

Just feeling dumbfounded this morning. What with Myanmar, and now the earthquake in China...it just seems out of control. How are we to respond to such devastation. Where is God in this? Just feeling tenuous this morning. So much pain in this world. And so little (really) in mine.

Friday, May 9, 2008


WOW I'm a pathetic blogger. Sorry, to those of you who still read from time to time. And I'm grateful to you for continuing to check in and leave comments even with my sporadic posting.

Let's see...what's new? In transition...Husband is entering his summer professor time which is WONDERFUL because he's home more and I have so much more freedom, but definitely a transition because I don't realize how much the home is my territory until he's home more and it changes everything....parenting, space, cleaning, etc. But it's wonderful and I'm so lucky.

My little baby just turned 3. I am overjoyed and terribly nostalgic for the baby that is no more. sigh. She is so CUTE right now. So darn cute.

Discernment is continuing at its slow and steady pace. The committee is meeting with Husband next. Without me. This is good. We shall see what comes of it. It will be great for him. How I wish I could be a fly on the wall. And how grateful I am that I can't be!

Going to an out-of-town retirement barn dance party for Husband's father. Should be fun!

I heard about Sara Miles, author of Take This Bread (great book) doing a "This I Believe" on NPR. I want to listen to it.

that's all for now.