Saturday, July 5, 2008

Truth is in the Timing

Well, the discernment meeting with my husband went well. They had fun and he felt comfortable and it sounds like it was very positive. He was able to share with them a lot more info about me than they knew...sometimes it takes a different person...I have a hard time talking about myself anyway. The biggest two things that seem to have come from the meeting (and they're related) are that my husband has reached new acceptance about the whole thing, which is MAJOR. And happened naturally...he doesn't remember the huge resistance, and he's grown into the idea. The committee saw this and felt like he wasn't as at odds with it as I had depicted it. But time has done its work. The meeting coincided with our anniversary week and he wrote me a card and on it he wrote that he was realizing that he had to share me with the world, and that he was a little sad about it, but that it felt good. Wow. I cried as I read that supportive and loving statement. So...more doors have opened. What remains is a LOT of work, regarding preparation for the hard questions that come AFTER the discernment committee. We've barely scratched the surface. But that's cause we've been dealing with my resistance and doubts, more than anything else. TIMING seems to be the biggest question for me right now. I want to be a young(ish) priest. But I have time. But if I take the time, I won't be young when I finally start the work. So we'll see.