Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Some snippets from life this week:

* My daughter (4 year-old) is sitting in a patch of sunlight on my bedroom floor. She is looking at objects that she calls "treasures" and I call "sacred objects." We used to have an altar where we put things from nature or anything else that helped us feel close to God or anything else... But the altar shelf fell out of the wall and the objects have since been in a little box in my closet. But she recently rediscovered them and I blissfully hid in the hallway listening to her squeaky voice moan a song. She was making it up and it was a prayer..."Maaaaaary, Jeeeeeesus, Mary was saaaad when Jesus died, Gooooooood, etc etc, other unitelligible moanings." Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo precious.

* I've been so relieved about my interview being over, that I haven't been that ruffled by the fact that we're moving in 10 days and my in-laws are arriving tonight and staying for a week and I'm hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for 13 on Thursday.

* I've been playing a game with my daughters that has proven to be a wonderful spriritual practice for all of us. When we have an hour during the day, I let one of them be the navigator. We just drive and at each intersection, she gets to say "Turn Left" or "Go Straight"...and we go slowly and it's amazing where we end up. I've discovered parts of our city I never knew existed. And the BEST part is we ALWAYS happen upon something magical and serendipitous...it's crazy. We just happen to find this gorgeous park , hidden in a neighborhood. And whenever we find the special place, we get out and explore. It's so amazing where my little girls ' intuition or sense of adventure take us!!!!! I will keep doing this for a while. Learning many good lessons.

Grateful for health and for home, for food and for family. For the mountains and for the ocean. Amen


Mompriest said...

Your driving adventures sound like fun! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Iris said...

That does sound like fun! I'm glad to read about your interview, an important step! I hope your moving went smoothly and that you are getting settled. We are going to try to sell our house soon and it freaks me out to think about it!

Happy new year!

Mompriest said...

so, I'm thinking about you and wondering how you are?

Grace thing said...

Mompriest, hello! I responded to your check-in on my blog.