Monday, August 30, 2010


Well Mompriest at Seekingauthenticvoice checked in to see how I was doing. I'm sure no one is reading this since it's been 9 months since my last blog post! Mompriest, I'll just write this to you since you were kind enough to think of me after all this time! So kind of you. I hope you are well. I'll have to catch up on your blog to find out!

I am very well. Much change. After my official entering of the diocesan process last year, it became clear to me (finally) that it just wasn't the time to be pursuing ordination, let alone grad school. But I needed to come to that decision, to that clarity, on my own terms. So I sat with that realization for a while, letting it just be, before I officially pulled out of the process. It felt right. I felt the pull of my young family too strongly. I didn't want to miss all those moments and I didn't want to put more strain on the family and my marriage. So after all that, I became pregnant with our third child! How's that for a change? I'm due in January with another girl.

And so I navigate these changes...often wonder if I did the right thing, but all I can do is trust and move forward and breathe. I truly feel surrounded by the feminine divine as of late, and that is wonderful.

I trust God will make it clear to me when and if I should re-enter the process.

Thanks so much for thinking of me...



Mrs. M said...

Congratulations on your expected baby!

Discernment is an ongoing, life-long process, as we constantly return to God's calls in our lives. (I know you know that.) Blessings to you as you pursue faithfulness, in your own particular path.

Grace thing said...

Mrs. M-- good to hear from you after all this time. Thanks for your comment. Yes, it does feel like I'm being faithful...thank you.

Mompriest said...

Of course you are being faithful. God calls us, but there are many ways we can express that calling and certainly being faithful to family and marriage is a powerful expression. So glad to hear from you, and congratulations on the pending birth of your new little girl.

Terri said...

ok, so I stopped using "mompriest" and have gone to my real name. But I haven't stopped wondering how you are - and I suspect by now the baby has been born?...I hope all is well.